105 Year Old Resident Talks About Voting

Erris Croom, 105 year old resident at Covenant Woods Retirement Community opened her Absentee Ballot, voted and mailed it last Friday. She wanted to be sure she got her Vote in. WTVM TV and The Ledger, local newspaper were both there for the occasion. She told them William Howard Taft was President when she was born and Franklin D. Roosevelt was the first President she voted for. She has voted in every election since but now Absentee. She can also name the other presidents and Ronald Reagan was her favorite. Hope this inspires everyone to vote. Remember, today is the final deadline to register to vote for the election next month.imag01316

A Day in the life of Covenant Woods

A Thursday morning at Covenant Woods: Aqua Motion in our heated pool with the beautiful new screen enclosure and early this morning Publix put chairs out in their lobby because our residents were on their way to shop. Sara Harris and our bus driver Dennis coming back from the last run. The temperature yesterday morning was a pleasant 68 degrees. LIFE IS GOOD AT COVENANT WOODS!!

Song Circle at Covenant Woods

saveOur Song Circle on Sunday was fun with the old songs that everyone sings and taps their feet to. One of the musicians that brings several guitars had one that matched his shirt. The musicians have so much fun they might even come if we didn’t show up!  Give us a call at (706) 561-1401  if you would like to join us next time!

Pledging Allegiance in Columbus, Georgia


A local radio station in Columbus, Georgia opens the morning with The Pledge of Allegiance. Producers reached out to Covenant Woods to request that we record our residents saying the pledge and.  The station will use it about once a month, announcing that the our residents are the ones recorded. We all had a wonderful morning recording!

Covenant Woods Personal Care Holiday Family DInner

Berta Bishop & Elvis

On Dec. 3rd we held our Personal Care Family Dinner here at Covenant Woods. Our Dining team did an excellent job serving & preparing ham, turkey, collards, potato salad, mac & cheese; for dessert blackberry cobbler. Elvis showed up to entertain the guests and many of the residents still swoon over him. All in all it was an excellent time to share friendship & family.